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Hays brings peace of mind to system success by providing trusted, military-grade valves and designs supported by superior, personalized service to help form long-lasting connections.

Since 1963, Hays Fluid Controls has been the exclusive supplier to the US Navy for Automatic Flow Control Valves. Our Exclusive Mesurflo® technology, has been controlling the chilled water systems on submarines, surface vessels and weapons systems like the Patriot Missile Launcher for over 35 years.

We can't tell you which US Submarines were involved, or where our valves are used, though they've been used throughout our fleet for over three decades. But, during a practice maneuver under the North Sea, a sub captain ordered a cup of coffee. The standard coffee maker didn't contain a silent flow control valve, so on the surface above, a destroyer's sonar heard every gurgle and drip and scored a hit on the sub. During the next exercises, the sub carried a coffee maker retrofitted with a Hays valve. This time, no one heard a thing, thanks to Hays automatic flow control valves.


It's been a long way to submarine technology from the small brass foundry that John and William Hays bought in 1869. From there in Erie Pennsylvania, Hays has grown to reach office buildings, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, commercial marine vessels and more. All with the quality and reliability of our Mesurflo valves which keep our subs running quiet when lives depend on it. So, just imagine what we can do for your installation.


Founded in 1865, Hays is committed to exceeding customer expectations, building high quality products, and providing a friendly, safe, and fulfilling environment for employees.

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