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Model 2305-1061 3/4, Mesurflo® Automatic Flow Control

Hays Automatic Balancing Valve 2510 Mesurflo Inline

Model 2305-1061 3/4, Mesurflo® Automatic Flow Control

3/4 in.



Flow Control

Temperature Range

32 to 160 ºF

Pressure Range

15.0 to 150.0 PSID

Standard Features

  • Constant flow regardless of pressure fluctuation

  • Quiet operation

  • Pressure Differential Range 15 - 150 psid

  • Temperature Range 32º to 160º F

  • Accuracy ± 10%

  • Suitable for Most Coolants

  • Consult factory for differential pressures lower than 15 psid

Unique Hays design

Patented Flow Control Assembly provides a constant flow rate on a consistent basis.

Flexing diaphragm is self-cleaning

Maintains clear orifice by flexing action of patented diaphragm assembly which significantly reduces clogging.

Long-life means real savings

Mesurflo Controls will operate efficiently for many years which means little or no down time and loss of productivity.

Diaphragm area is proportioned to pressure

Each Mesurflo is designed specifically to deliver the prescribed flow rate.

Mesurflo can be used for large flow rates.

Mesurflo controls are placed parallel in a single housing providing the specified flow rate even on large flow rates.

  • Irrigation and Crop Dusting

  • Swimming Pool Filters

  • Industrial Equipment Cooling Systems

  • Electronic Power Tube Cooling Systems

  • Welding Equipment Cooling Systems

  • Pump, Compressor, & Vacuum Equipment Cooling Systems

  • Industrial Time Fill & Meter Equipment

  • Tankless Heater & Heat Transfer Systems

  • Water Stream & Water Spray Control

  • Film Process & Rinse Systems

  • Industrial & Medical Stills

  • Water Conservation Applications

  • Water Table Drawdown

  • Water Source Heat Pumps

  • Pump & Dump Systems

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