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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery/Pricing/Order FAQs

  1. Can I Quick Ship certain products?
    Yes, Hays offers two Expedite programs - 24 hr and 48 hr Expedite to shorten production lead time on some HVAC and Industrial products. Please call Customer Service at 704-922-9565 (Toll free: 800-354-4297), or send your request via email: our guide with full details can be found here:
      Quik Ship Expediting Program
  2. How much will freight be? Can you Quote products with freight costs included?
    Hays does not quote freight due to the different weights and packaging of our products. 
  3. What are normal lead times? 
    Our standard lead time for most hose kits, piping packages, and Mesurflo® valves is 5 business days to build and ship; however, size, volume, and type of components on the order could impact that. For exact lead times, we recommend contacting Customer Service ( or at 800-354-4297) prior to placing your order.
  4. Where are weights listed so I can quote shipping costs to my customer? 
    As weights vary based on connections and sizes for different product offerings, please call Customer Service ( or at 800-354-4297) to get an estimate for weights on any specific order.
  5. Can I order from you? 
    Our customers can order directly from us. We have several distributors located in almost every state to assist other requests. 
  6. May I have a price?
    We only quote our valued customers, but you can contact our distributors for your pricing request.
  7. May I have a distributor for your product? 
    We have several Industrial and HVAC manufacturers’ representatives and distributors located in different states. Please reach out to Customer Service ( or at 800-354-4297) and they can help find a distributor in your area. 
  8. May I get shipping information on an order I placed with you?
    You can use our website under Tools tab and click on “Get Shipping Status” or click on this direct link to check on the status of your order. You will need to have PO number and/or Zip code depending on shipping carrier in order to track the shipping status. You can also call us at 704-922-9565 or toll free # 800-354-4297 or email us at: with your PO number. 
  9. Can I convert the quote that I initiated using Hays Online Price Guide (OPG) tool into an order online from the website? 
    Yes, you can use OPG to convert the quote into an order. If preferred, you can also do the same by contacting Hays Fluid Controls Customer Service team at 800-354-4297, or emailing us at: 
  10. If sizes over 2” are available on Hose Kits, why aren't they published? 
    Some of the configurations are not available under standard lead time or may not be stocked component and so it’s always advantageous to contact our Customer Service at 800-354-4297 or email us at to assist you with the best engineered configuration for your needs. 
  11. What information do you need to quote a Hose Kit or Piping Package? 
    To timely quote the Hose Kit or Piping Package, Hays need to know the basic information such as design flow rates, sizes, connection type, and others. If available the engineering specifications, piping details, and equipment schedules and submittals provide the information required to provide a proposal. In order to make life easier, Hays created Quote forms that can be filled with all the information and sent to Hays to process the quote request faster. This Quote Forms are located on Website under their respective selection - 

    Request for Quote Forms can be found on our website at the following locations: 
     Hose Kits 
     2-way Piping Package
     3-way Piping package
  12. Where can I find warranty terms and conditions for Hays Fluid Controls products?
    Please use the direct link to learn about Hays terms and conditions including warranty details: 
     Terms & Conditions

    Mesurflo FAQs

    1. How can I tell what the flow rate is on Hays Automatic Balancing valve installed in the system?
      Flow rate data is on the information label on the valve. In the event the label is not legible, use common flow measurement devices to determine the flow. 
    2. Is there a special tool to remove the coupling nut for changing the diaphragm in Automatic Inline Balancing Valves? 
      There is no special tool required for removing the Coupling nut on the Automatic Inline Balancing Valves (25E0, 2510, 2513, 2520). 
    3. How do I "set" a valve that is automatic? Can I adjust the flow within the same valve? 
      Hays Automatic Balancing Valves are designed to maintain one specific design flow rate value constant within published operating pressure differential range. The design flow rate is not field adjustable, but you can alter internals in most of the Hays Automatic Balancing Valves to achieve a different flow rate if the correct design flow rate was not picked during selection. Contact Hays Customer Service ( or by calling 800-354-4297) for more details.
    4. Does Hays offer Normally Open or Normally Closed selection for ATCs on Hose Kits? 
      Yes Hays offers both options for ATCs on Hose Kits, more information on our ATC (Zone Valves) can be found here.  
    5. Is there a right way to install the diaphragm (rubber disk) inside the Hays Automatic Balancing Valves? 
      The diaphragm (rubber disk) is not directional, as long as it is mounted up or down and not sideways, it will function to design. Please refer to Hays Fluid Controls Technical Videos under Literature/Technical Information tab on our website for Internal flow cartridge replacement instructions in some automatic balancing valve bodies- 
    6. Does Hays offer Automatic Balancing Valves in Bronze or Stainless Steel material? 
      Hays offers Automatic Balancing Valves in Bronze C83600 and 316 Stainless Steel body material. The direct link for more information is -
    7. How does the Internals of Hays Automatic Balancing Valves work?
      Here are some reference to understand the functionality of internals (also referred as Hays Mesurflo® technology) works.
      Link to YouTube Video
      Gold Standard Brochure 
      • PDF Hays Automatic Balancing Valves Brochure (refer to Page 5)
    8. What is the comparable strength of the DOFI material to competitor's stainless steel?
      Please refer to the Gold Standard Brochure for more details. For any additional information, call Customer Service ( or by calling 800-354-4297) to learn more about Hays products and how their technology is superior than competition.
      PDF Gold Standard Brochure
    9. What is the difference between a Piping Package and a Hose Kit?
      Piping packages and hose kits both share many common parts. The most significant difference between them is hose kits have a swivel end fitting and piping packages have a union fitting to aid in assembly. However, Hays also offers Flexible Piping packages with hoses that adds more options for customization based on customer needs.
    10. Will Hays Automatic Balancing valves work with refrigerants? 
      Hays Fluid Controls valves are designed to work with water and water glycol mixtures. At present we do not offer product to be used with refrigerants. 
    11. Are Hays Automatic Balancing Valves compatible with commonly used chemicals for HVAC systems?
      Hays Automatic Balancing Valves are fully compatible with some known chemicals used for flushing the coil in HVAC systems such as Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Hydroxide, Borates, and Tolyltriazole. However, they are NOT compatible with Sodium Salts, Decahydrates, Sodium Saltwater, Tetras, Chlorine, or Bromines that are not commonly used for HVAC system. For more information on Chemical Compatibility with Hays product offerings, please call Customer Service (704-922-9565, toll free: 800-354-4297) or send your inquiry via link -
    12. What is the effect of Boiler chemicals (alkaline, solvents) on Hays components?
      Most of the Hays components are compatible with standard boiler chemicals. For specific chemical compatibility information, please call Customer Service (704-922-9565, toll free: 800-354-4297) or send your inquiry via link -
    13. What is the thread type on the female swivel of Hays hose? 
      Is it compatible with American straight thread? The female swivel on Hays hose is currently British Straight Pipe Thread (BSPT), not compatible with American straight thread. BSPT Adapters are available to transition to American straight threads, NPT, NPSH, JIC, and other thread types.
    14. What valve size fits a coil connection OD of 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/8", and 1-5/8" and so on? 
      The size selection for coils can get trickier at times. The valves design for these coils are typically Female SWT and are soldered on the OD of coil connection. Please refer to the table below for selecting the Nominal size of Automatic Balancing Valve Sizes. Example: Select ½” FSWT connection for Hays Valves for coil dimensions with 5/8” OD and ½” ID.
      Copper Tubing Dimensions for FSWT connection:
       Nominal Size (in)   Actual Outside Diameter of Coil (in) 
       1/2   5/8 
       3/4   7/8
       1  1-1/8
       1-1/4  1-3/8 
       1-1/2   1-5/8 
       2   2-1/8 
    15. How does the Automatic Balancing Valve perform in conjunction with modulating ATC valves? Is it still effective, required? 
      The Automatic Balancing Valves helps to limit the flow to the maximum design flow at all conditions with respect to branch-to-branch variation when Modulating ATC valve is fully open. The Modulating ATC can thereby be used to modulate the flow below design flow to affect the temperature difference across the coil. It is very critical to size the Modulating control valves based on the system to provide better authority and system stability. More information on how Mesurflo® Automatic Balancing Valves perform with modulating zone valves can be found on our website here:
      PDF Modulating Flow Control with Mesurflo
    16. Does Hays offer Automatic Balancing Valves that can be used for Domestic Hot Water system?
      Yes, Hays offer NSF/ANSI 61, 372 Certified 2517LF Lead Free Automatic Balancing Valves that can be used for balancing flows in Domestic Hot Water System. 
      Link to 2517LF
    17. Are the components compatible with steam systems? 
      Please contact Customer Service (quotes@haysfluidcontrols or by calling 800-354-4297) for information on specific components that can be used for Steam systems. 
    18. Do different concentrations of Glycol/Water affect flow rates of Hays Automatic Balancing Valves?
      The Hays Automatic Balancing valve is a constant mass flow device. To determine the volumetric flow rate of a fluid whose density is different from that of water it is only necessary to divide the flow rate in water by the ratio in densities of that fluid and water. The equation below expresses this relationship in mathematical form:
       is the volumetric flow rating of an automatic balancing valve
      is the density of water at the reference temperature
      is the density of the alternate fluid at the reference temperature
      is the resulting volumetric flow of the alternate fluid

      Please refer to PDF Hays Glycol Bulletin document for more information. 
    19. What function does the Mesurflo® technology perform in a hydronic system? 
      The Mesurflo® technology maintains the flow rate at a pre-determined design flow rate with respect to dynamic pressure variations in the system within the specified operating pressure differential range.
    20. Over what differential pressure range does Mesurflo® operate? 
      Mesurflo® operates over a various differential pressure ranges based on the automatic balancing valve selection and sizes. The typical operating pressure differential range for most of our Commercial HVAC Automatic Balancing Valves is 2-80 PSID, 3-80 PSID, or 5-80 PSID. Please refer to specific product for their respective range on our website - 
    21. What is the difference between 2510 model and 2513 model in Automatic Balancing Valve Product selection? 
      2510 and 2513 are both Automatic Inline Balancing Valves but 2510 has Pressure/Temperature ports whereas 2513 does not. This Pressure/Temperature ports are used during troubleshooting and at times just to measure system conditions at any given time.
    22. Does Hays offer combination of Isolation Ball Valve and Automatic Balancing Valve, both integrated into one valve? 
      Yes, Hays offers variety of integrated combo designs in different sizes and connections such as 2514, 2515, 2516, 2519, 2524 and 2528 as Automatic Y-Ball Balancing Valves.
    23. If you had an Automatic Balancing valve in your possession with label not legible, how would you determine its flow rate? 
      The flow rate is determined by the combination of the orifice plate and the diaphragm combination. The orifice plate has a letter on it while the diaphragm has a colored indicator on one side. A matrix of the combinations with corresponding flow rates can be made available or please call Customer Service (704-922-9565, toll free: 800-354-4297) for more support to determine the flow rate.
    24. Which valves incorporate multiple orifice plates? 
      The large, high flow valves have multiple orifice plates, specifically, the 2530, 2535, 2540, 2545, 2546, 2547, 2548, and 2570 valves. 
    25. What is the accuracy range of Hays Automatic Balancing Valve?
      The design flow accuracy of Hays Automatic Balancing Valves is ± 10% of the nominal flow rate. This is equivalent to +/- 5% heat transfer effectiveness. More information on Mesurflo Automatic Balancing Valve tolerance can be found in our PDF Gold Standard Brochure
    26. Can Hays Automatic Balancing valves be mounted in any attitude? 
      Yes, the Hays Automatic Balancing Valves can be mounted in any orientation.
    27. Does Hays Automatic Balancing valves require straight lengths of straight pipe upstream or downstream for proper operation?
      No, Hays Automatic Balancing Valves do not require straight length of pipe before or after for proper operation.

    Complimentary Products FAQs

    1. What ATC suppliers do you use? 
      Hays currently uses Schneider Electric and Belimo Control Valve manufacturers but can source other brands based on customer requests.
    2. What type of ATCs do Hays currently offer in their product line? 
      Hays offers the following basic types of ATCs on their packages:
      • On/Off Control – also referred as 2-position or Zone Valve
      • Floating Control – also referred as 3-point control
      • Proportional Control – also referred as Modulating control
    3. Where can I find the wiring diagram for ATC? 
      Please contact Hays Customer Service or by calling 800-354-4297 with specific ATC model quoted or selected for the project and we will be happy to provide additional details including wiring diagram for every specific model sourced from Hays.
    4. What is the Safety Factor Hays uses for Burst Testing their Hoses? 
      Hays uses 4 times the Working Pressure to gauge their Burst testing pressure for hoses. For example, hoses supplied from Hays have 400 PSI working pressure and 1600 PSI Burst test pressure.
    5. Can I substitute a locally available washer in the braided hose connection? 
      Yes but doing so will void Hays warranty. The washer used in the hose connection is a fiber washer. While a standard washer may fit in the assembly, it is always recommended to contact Customer Service (704-922-9565, toll free: 800-354-4297) to assist you with ordering additional gaskets from Hays whenever needed.
    6. What is the default Mesh size for Strainer on Hays Packages? Can the mesh size be altered?
      The strainer on Hays packages comes with 20 Mesh size as default selection. Hays do offer other mesh sizes upon customer request. 
    7. Does Hays provide Flow versus Pressure drop charts for Manual Balancing Valves to balance the flow in the system?
      Yes, the flow versus pressure drop charts for Manual Balancing Valves sold by Hays are available under Literature/Technical Information tab on our website. You can also follow the direct link -
    8. Why is the Hays Mesurmeter™ better in Hose Kits than a Circuit Setter?
      The Mesurmeter™ takes advantage of a true venturi design, allowing more accurate flow measurement than the competitor's Circuit Setter.


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