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2517 Lead Free Mesurflo® Automatic Balancing Valve

Hays Fluid Controls has released our 2517 Lead Free Mesurflo® Automatic Balancing Valve (NSF/ANSI 61,372 Certified) for use within domestic hot water recirculation systems in commercial buildings.  Balancing valves are typically installed on domestic hot water risers and at horizontal floor loops to ensure hot water is available to occupants within a short period.  The benefits are reduced waste, greater occupant satisfaction, and to ensure hot water does not become stagnant which can lead to a breeding ground for Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.   The 2517 Lead FreeMesurflo® Automatic Balancing Valve with its exquisitely simple clog resistant design overcomes the challenges associated with under flowing due to system pressure fluctuations. Other balancing valve types tend to clog over time due to hard water scaling and small debris in the water.  For more information please visit our 2517 Lead Free Mesurflo® Automatic Balancing Valve webpage (


Auto Valves Flow Recommendations (PDF - 100KB) To reduce water flow noises and prolong equipment life within hydronic heating and cooling systems it is critical that the HVAC system piping is designed based upon maximum recommended velocity limits. The following information is from the Hays Fluid Controls Engineering Team that can help you succeed in this area

Hays Fluid Controls Releases Initial Revit – Model -  Drawing File Configurator

To support our building owner, MEP, and contractor customers Hays Fluid Controls has released our initial Revit – Model -  Drawing File Configurator for the 2519 Mesurflo® Y-Ball Automatic Balancing Valve where files are available for download within the product page (click link).Please try the configurator out and provide us feedback.  Check back often for the latest news and subscribe to our social media sites or mailing list (click link)to gain updates.

Hays Pressure Independent Valves (PICV) Mesurflo® CCV Characterized Control Valve

The Mesurflo® Pressure Independent Valve (PICV) is the foremost choice for automatic control valves in the commercial HVAC industry. Its design combines the unique feature of the Mesurflo® balance valve with a modulating temperature control valve. This allows each valve to serve its own design function. Mesurflo® is considered the 'Gold Standard' in automatic control valve technology. Mesurflo® efficiently controls flow in water source heat pumps, fan coils, VAV boxes and air handlers, to name a few.