Manual Balancing Valves 101

At Hays Fluid Controls, we’re proud to offer the highest quality valves available. It’s also safe to say we’re a bit obsessed with valves—and with educating people on them.

After all, we know the importance of a good valve, and we know that different valves do manual_balancingdifferent things, serving various needs. We also know that many people in need of valves don’t know everything about them, nor do they always know which one is best for their requirements and applications. Which is fine: because we enjoy spreading the word!

Many people often wonder about manual balancing valves (MBVs), what they do, and when they are the right choice. Used in pressurized piping applications, including HVAC and gas movement, MBVs are measurement and regulation devices. They create consistent output pressure to one system from an inconsistent input system from a different system, balancing the flow through the system as a whole.

The MBV can be throttled to trim the flow through a particular piece of equipment. MBVs also provide a way to verify the flow as well as act as a shut-off valve. However, automatic balancing valves are a better choice if the system supply-return pressures fluctuate. Automatic balancing valves react to changes in pressure and automatically change the orifice area providing a constant flow to the terminal unit.

A MBV operates with a fixed resistance that can be manually adjusted, and the exact flow through the valve depends on the degree to which it’s throttled, as well as the differential pressure that is placed across it.

Another application/advantage of the MBV is its ability to diagnose and troubleshoot hydronic system problems. They can help users read and measure pressure drops and determine what the problem is, and what should be done, accordingly.

Because of the nature of MBVs, and the material being sent through them, their construction and quality is especially important. They must be made to resist rust, residue, and corrosion, and must be constructed out of a highly durable material. Their accompanying components, such as gaskets and o-rings, must also be of high quality, keeping them sealed correctly.

We offer a range of manual balancing valves for various applications, all of which are manufactured with the utmost quality. You can view our line of MBVs here, and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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