Hays Fluid Control’s Past, Present, and Future

As a company that’s been in business for almost 150 years, we at Hays Fluid Control have many loyal and dedicated customers.  In order to engage with and share thoughts with our cherished longtime customers and our valued new ones, we are excited to launch this new forum. Here we will discuss information that’s relevant and important to our company and our industry as a whole, and we welcome any thoughts or comments along the way.

It all began for us long before blogging existed, in 1865. During the early part of the next century, we provided valves and fittings for the US military, and since 1963, we have proudly been the exclusive supplier of automatic flow control valves for the US Navy.  While we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings in a small foundry in the 1860s, we realize that all of our clients’ needs are critical to their operations, and we treat each with the same level of importance.

One of the things that truly make us stand apart is our patented Mesurflo® valves, which we’ve been selling to the HVAC industry since 1994. The Mesurflo®, known as the “Gold Standard” of automatic flow control valves, is a completely unique valve that differs from any others for several key reasons.  These are:

  1. Non-Clogging: The live, flexing action of the Hays elastomeric diaphragm against the orifice seat permits passage of particles of sludge, debris, etc; other valves do not contain this unique design.

  2. Quiet: The Mesurflo® has inherently quiet parts—a quiet polyphenylsulfone orifice seat, quiet-moving elastomeric polymer diaphragm, and a large orifice, unlike its much noisier competitors.

  3. Accurate: The Hays Mesurflo® has an accuracy of ±10%, which provides 99.8% heat transfer.

Naturally, we’re proud of the flawless design of our products, and of our long history of success.  However, we are also a forward-thinking, modern company, and we look forward to keeping you informed on what’s going on with us and the industry. Stay tuned for more!

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