Hays Fluid Controls Introduces Low Temperature Mesurflo® Automatic Balancing Valves for Glycol Chiller Systems

As markets shift, new products must be designed to meet customer requirements. At Hays Fluid Controls, we pride ourselves in bringing innovation and accessibility to new and improving markets. This month we are excited to announce the website release of our Low Temperature Mesurflo® Automatic Balancing Valves for Glycol Chiller Systems.

The “Gold Standard” for controlling flow is specifically designed for glycol systems operating at temperatures as low as 15°F. Models 2510LT and 2520LT (pictured below) are designed for Websitesupermarket medium temperature display cases and walk-in coolers. Consult factory for other Mesurflo® valve designs with low temperature internal components. Hays’ patented Mesurflo® Automatic Balancing valves are known as the “Gold Standard” because their unique features and benefits make them the ideal solution for controlling flow in Glycol

Mesurflo® offers you these significant benefits:

  • Eliminates the high cost of testing and balancing
  • Additional display cases may be added without affecting the system balance
  • Accuracy provides 99.8% heat transfer
  • Eliminates oscillation, vibration, noise and feed­back in the system
  • Non-clogging design that can be back washed for easy cleaning
  • Maintains proper flow rate for high efficiency of the coil
  • Reduces the number of valves required to balance the system

For those interested in our new products be sure to call our customer series representatives for more information or visit our website at:


Phone: (800) 354-4297

Fax: (704) 922-9595

Email: info@haysfluidcontrols.com

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