The Different Types of Fluid Control Valves

There are many different types of flow control valves available for a variety of different uses. Flow control valves are used to regulate pressure and flow rate in their most basic form. However, there are different types of valves available such as ball, diaphragm, needle, butterfly, and plug valves. A basic flow control valve contains an opening that can be changed to increase or decrease the flow rate.

The ball valves contain an inner ball that is attached to a handle, that when turned, allows controlvalveor stops the flow. Butterfly valves are similar but use a metal plate attached to the handle to open and close the aperture. Needle valves allow for more control over the system through the use of a needle to open or close the flow of fluid.

Some of the many benefits that come from using flow control valves include the variety of materials that they can be made of (such as brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, and zinc).

Flow control valves offer manufacturers many options for simple and complex systems that adjust for pressure, temperature, and other flow variables.

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